5 Essential Reasons Why You Should Choose a Garden Wedding

Marriage is a sacred union process of a man and woman. It is the time where both the bride and the groom recite their vows to each other. These vows will be the foundation of their marriage, and this gives the officiating person the power to pronounce them to the public as man and wife. And when it comes to the wedding event, designers from https://www.covers.co.nz/ can make your wedding venue remarkable and memorable, whether it be an indoor, beach, or garden wedding.

However, if you are favoring having a garden wedding, we have listed down seven more reasons why you are choosing the right place.

The garden offers natural beauty

According to https://www.covers.co.nz/, while they can provide you with different kinds of fantastic wedding decors, nothing still can beat the natural beauty of nature. A garden can easily match gorgeous floral arches and overflowing bouquets. A garden venue for your wedding can provide the elegance you’re dreaming of for your big day. Moreover, The garden offers beautiful natural lighting. Surely on your big day, there would be a lot of people taking photos and selfies here and there. And being in an open area, they can have the best lighting they need in catching every memorable moment.

The garden can cater to both the wedding ceremony and reception

Another remarkable advantage of having a garden wedding is that https://www.covers.co.nz/ can easily set up the wedding ceremony and reception since you can have both in the same place. And since you already got all the gorgeous flowers, foliage, and plants all around, you won’t need to spend too much on blooms, greenery, and decor. And more importantly, it provides comfortability to all your guests since they won’t have to drive over to a different reception venue.

The garden offers plenty of space

Having a garden wedding is beneficial if you are expecting a large number of guests. They would have enough space for entertainment before and after the wedding celebration. You can also add some cozy lounge or a fun photo booth that allows them to create memorable experiences. Moreover, all your guests can relax in the remarkably great outdoor weather. They’ll surely appreciate the fresh cool breeze of the wind that further makes your garden wedding an incredible experience.

The garden creates an intimate vibe to the whole celebration

The garden offers you countless of astounding nature backgrounds for that perfect wedding couple shot. The garden provides all the elements such as the fresh green of trees and grass that give out a unique feel to the celebration. Also, not to mention some fantastic addition in the garden like water elements with a lovely bridge.

The garden has no time restrictions

One disadvantage of indoor celebrations, especially during receptions, is that you can only use them for a limited and specific time. The garden, on the other hand, provides enough time for everyone to enjoy the wedding dance floor without worrying about leaving by a specific time. You can keep the wedding dance floor going as long as you like.


Always consider a garden venue for your wedding celebration. For more information, visit https://www.covers.co.nz/.