Three Benefits Of Organic Turmeric You May Not Know About

Globalization did it again. The business venture do not revolve around the patronization of chemically-based products anymore, but the naturally-based products are gaining on because of in-depth research and proven results from scientists all over the world. The rise of organic products in the market is awakening the senses of many people to choose natural products.

With the long list of these products with such properties that benefit the body, most people are having a hard time choosing. But the most powerful natural products in the market today is gaining attention: organic turmeric is one of them.

organic turmeric

What Is Turmeric

Also known as ‘The Golden Spice’, Turmeric is a plant with a bright yellow powdery substance that contains curcumin — a compound that makes turmeric useful in providing numerous health benefits to the body and gives its yellow color. Although western cuisine would use turmeric for food such as curries, butter, cheese and mustard sauce, turmeric does extremely well in the medical field, generating more and more research on its valuable properties that help the human body heal.

Organic producing businesses offer organic turmeric in forms of powder, tea bags, capsules and even in creams and soaps! In fact, Indians use it for almost every small or big ailments of the body — treating an upset stomach, migraine, nausea, rashes and other skin problems. Turmeric has always been an underrated gem of nature.

Why Go Organic?

Doctors, dieticians, nutritionists and other health professionals support the consumption of organic turmeric. Why? Most people know Turmeric gives anti-inflammatory, antiviral and anti- bacterial properties. Those are commonly known. But here are three uncommon benefits of turmeric that you may have never heard about:

  1. Antioxidant properties – when free radicals get inside the body, cells will be damaged and will contribute in creating diseases such as cancer, cataracts, diabetes and other heart diseases. When taking antioxidants like turmeric or even vegan omega 3 supplements, it helps fight or prevent free radicals to do such damage to the cells.
  1. Anti-carcinogenic properties – carcinogens such as arsenic or tobacco, are substances that create cancer cells. While there is no cure yet for cancer, prevention through turmeric intake is one of the great options in choosing organic products. Carcinogens also cause further mutations.
  1. Anti-mutagenic properties – mutagens are substances that proliferate the abnormal mutation of cells. Prolonged exposure to radioactive substances, UV Rays, X-rays, and chemicals like Sodium Azide can cause mutagenic properties. The abnormal mutation of cells may have been caused by another mutagenic agent called carcinogen: the substance mentioned above.

Start The Turmeric Hunt

Do you know that the largest turmeric producing state is located in Andhra Pradesh in India? Another fact, the country not only produces and consumes turmeric but they also export ‘The Golden Spice’ to those who are looking for organic turmeric powder in Australia and other parts of the world.

You can find turmeric not only in India, it is grown in Central America, Asia and even Australia — in Byron Bay and Coes Creek in Queensland. But if you’re looking for a certified store of organic turmeric in Australia, visit this link: